Zebra Wearable Devices

A warehouse solution that provides highly mobile users with a class-leading, hands-free data capture solution.

boost in productivity of workers


Take Productivity to the Next Level

Take productivity to the next level with Zebra's wearable solution, capable of scanning faster and from farther than comparable wearable scanners. Streamline processes in high carton pick environments and improve time-in-motion.

With Microsoft's plan to exit the enterprise device market, they've announced they will be ending support for their Windows Embedded Operating Systems in January 2020. That means there is less than ONE year left to make the switch!


Productivity improvements from the use of advanced operating systems, devices and purpose-built software


Efficiency gains from updating internal processes to eliminate waste and reduce task completely


Accuracy improvements with advanced data collection capabilities that reduce error associated costs

Benefits of Android OS

The wearable solution, comprised of a Bluetooth Ring Scanner and Wearable Computer provides the durability and reliability that warehouse operators require. Also, being built on an Android platform you can ensure your fleet is future proofed.



reduction in errors

Wearable Warehouse Solution

Zebra's wearable scanning solution comprises of a Bluetooth Ring Scanner and Wearable Computer, which provides durability and reliability that warehouse operators require.

Hands-free mobility

Bluetooth connectivity - no wires

Rugged design for durability and reliability

Larger scanning range and motion tolerance

Built on Android operating system so fleet is future proofed

A major shift is occuring, are you ready for the SWITCH?

What you need to know:



reduction in pick time by






Signet's Time-in-motion Case Study Results

ROI within



Larger scanning range and motion tolerance

Rugged design for durability and reliabiliy

Hands-free mobility and Bluetooth connectivity

Built on Android OS so fleet is future proofed

Windows OS will no longer receive security or software updates from January 14, 2020

Not switching will leave devices at risk of security breaches

Operators will need to switch to an Android Operating System

There are 2 options available to make the switch to Android!


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